The Inmates Have Taken Over the Asylum

The title could have easily been “How a small subsection of LBRY Discord users managed to dominate the server” but that doesn’t quite feel right.

What’s Happened

What started as a small group of people sharing their furry-porn on the servers NSFW channel gained popularity and support to the point that people are now joining the server without any knowledge or interest in LBRY, just so they can share furry-porn. Enough of them are active and involved in the LBRY project to give weight to their collective voice – when one feels wronged, they complain about it in their almost un-moderated channel and coordinated or not, the response is a campaign against who ever wronged them. They may independently message the staff to complain about the incident or just bad-mouth and insult the person they perceive as being at fault. And because collectively, they represent a majority of the active users on the discord server, their opinion matters – even if they aren’t even LBRY users. Some of them are even moderators – I am guilty of recommending them for promotion because of their activity on the server, rather than their interest in the community.

Edit: In a bizarre twist, these same Furries were the ones that accused me of being an ineffective moderator, who is “lord over his own domain”, when in fact, it is them that have set up their own little clique within the LBRY Discord, and they resist any sort of outsider interference.

How It Happened

The first decent LBRY GPU miner was developed by Wolf0. He spent a lot of time hanging out in the LBRY Slack, and a lot of his friends and fellow Furries joined him. Meanwhile the core LBRY staff stayed on slack when the community shifted to Discord. This created an authority vacuum, and the moderators that tried to fill it on behalf of the LBRY staff team quickly found themselves on the wrong end of the scales in terms of popular opinion..

No, It Actually Is A Big Deal

Aside from the perception that LBRY is run by Furries – yeah, we get that asked of us a lot already – the fact that the most vocal core of the community are focused on furry porn means anyone else joining has to accept that. While they do a good job keeping their content in the correct channel, it does over flow from time to time, and that impacts everyone else. But aside from that, formerly active and contributing members of the community are drifting off because they feel they have fallen on the wrong side of the furries (myself included). We can’t allow a culture of vigilantism to fester like it is.

How It Should Be Fixed

The solution is quite simple, spin-off the furry-porn loving community on their own Discord server. It doesn’t even have to be LBRY-centric.  Once they have moved their community over there, remove the NSFW channel from the LBRY Discord server, and remove the moderator role from the members that contributed to that channel more than anywhere else (Wolf/Pet, Dey, Anarch3).  While this is being done, the other channels, #drugs etc, can be closed down. The LBRY discord should focus on LBRY – if you want to talk about MDMA or Furry porn on discord, create a new server for it.

Edit: This is actually something I tried to get started back when the LBRY community used Slack for it’s chat service, and again when the decision was made to move to Discord. In both events, the idea was met with opposition – primarily from the moderators who are part of the Furry clique, but also from one or two members of the LBRY staff. There was even some public outrage when it was discovered there was a NSFW channel as part of the LBRY slack – especially after the whole “no women on the team” incident – still that wasn’t enough to close the doors to the NSFW/Furry clique.