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Server Updates

I’ve been working on building the KMC network lately, getting the servers set up with backup storage and testing environments. Next set is adding in some load balancing and failover. It will improve the stability of our network alot to have these extra features, and it will be a great learning experience for me to set it all up.

Growth Spurts

Well, having moved to Digital Ocean, and seeing how wonderful their system is, I have started increasing the number of servers I have with them. I am now hosting a mail server along with the web server I originally migrated from Linode. This will allow Kiss My Creative to provide all the hosting services in house. And the two servers are still cheaper than the one I had originally.

Hosting Headaches

I’m looking at buying a VPS through Linode as soon as my job situation stabilizes. Not really looking forward to porting my entire catalogue of sites, but the fact I am working at taking...