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It’s taken a long time, but I’ve finally made the move, swapping Firefox and the mountain of extensions I used, for Chrome and a small handful of extensions. As a fan of Android, and...

Default sucks

As a geek, I very rarely leave things the way they come … my Windows Mobile phone was heavily modified, I’ve altered just about every plugin for this wordpress journal, my old xbox runs XBMC, and all of my computers run customised software. I’m a geek. I don’t settle for things as they are out-of-the-box. Out-of-the-box is configured for the masses. I try to set myself apart from the masses. So I tweak, customise, hack, and modify until I am left with something unique. Or, in the case of my windows mobile phone, a paper weight.

Tools of the Trade

As a developer/designer I spend far too much time trying to reconcile the differences between the Firefox and IE rendering engines. I’ve picked up a few habits that make it less painful, but until...