Pushover For Moodle

I have started work on a Pushover plugin for Moodle.


A message provider that allows push notifications via the pushover.net service.
Admins, get notifications of backup processes, errors, login issues, etc.
Teachers, get notifications of submissions, etc.
Students, get notifications of deadlines and much more.
Push notifications to Android and iOS devices easily!


To install the Pushover notification plugin:

  • Download it from the Moodle Plugins directory
  • Unzip the file into messages/output/
  • Sign in to your Pushover account and create an App for your moodle install.
  • Copy the API Token and paste it into the App Token text box in the plugin settings (Site Administration, > Plugins > Message outputs > Pushover)
  • Copy your User key from Pushover in to the Pushover User Token text box in your user messaging preferences (My profile settings > Messaging)

You should now have a working message provider for Pushover.

NOTE: You will need to have purchased the Pushover mobile app for your Android or iOS device before you can actually receive the pushover notifications.


  • version 1.0
    • Initial release


This plugin is an open-source project, released under GPLv3. Feel free to fork my Github repository, send me pull requests with your improvements, and report issues on Github