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Starting out

There’s always some kind of inertia I need to overcome when starting to read a new series of books. This time round I am starting the Drenai series my David Gemmell, and I have read one or two of the books (the waylander trilogy) already, but still, its hard to get into it. To commit myself to a new author, who writes differently to my usual crowd. Whose characters act differently to my old “friends”.

Server Updates

I’ve been working on building the KMC network lately, getting the servers set up with backup storage and testing environments. Next set is adding in some load balancing and failover. It will improve the stability of our network alot to have these extra features, and it will be a great learning experience for me to set it all up.

2013 – Lessons Learned

This year has been a year of learning for me. I’ve learned a lot of things, but I’d like to share the biggest ones:


I’ve been blessed with an amazing family. My wife, Sammy, is an incredible person. The amount of work she puts in at home, keeping on top of the house work, looking after our daughter,...

Slack or Busy

I’ve been far too busy lately to keep up with my goal of writing every day. Lincoln’s wedding, home improvements, church obligations, and anniversary outings have all filled up my time lately, so I...

Firing Squad

Matt – the sys admin at Moodle HQ is being forced to publicly shoulder blame for an outage that was caused by the hosting provider we use. I think this is kind of rough....