Trivial changes

So, I’ve been stuck on a HUGE problem with TinyMCE at work – trying to get the width to be flexible on all screen sizes across all our themes, in all cases. I’ve been working on the issue for almost two weeks now. In the mean time I’ve been patching other more trivial issues in the code around TinyMCE. Today, one of those changes failed testing – it shouldn’t have, it was working fine, the tester just wasn’t inputting real world test data – but while trying to figure out if the problem for that small issue was with the tester’s data or my code, I (with the help of Sam) stumbled across the solution to the issue. Turns out TinyMCE allows you to change the width of things, but even though they SHOULD be interconnected, the widths of things are all independent, and I was missing one of the four elements that needed a width change.

All sorted now though.

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