Server Migration

I just finished migrating our Unix Server (running Ubuntu 6.10) over to a Debian 4.0.

The system is now ready to act as an Asterisk VoIP PBX, well it will be once the new hardware is added.

I’ve also moved the sandbox development environment over to it, so I now have an extra 800 Mhz G4 Mac doing nothing. I’m going to buy this off my boss and install Debian 4.0 on it, so I can have a dedicated development server at home, or I might put Ubuntu on it and replace the 400 Mhz G4 Mac Stephanie is using at the moment. We’ll see how it turns out…

In the mean-time, let me just say that Debian 4.0 is the best thing to happen to Linux servers since Linus Torvald.

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