Productivity vs Creativity

I’m struggling with the concept that to be of value to a business, I need to be productive. This seems counter to the creativity I need to surrender to. There are times when you can produce a dozen great designs, concepts, or images, none of which fit the bill for the current project. This doesn’t mean you were unproductive, but according to all KPI, you haven’t done anything, thus your productivity is zero.

With this in mind (and my desire to give my design and development business the best start it can have, I am considering a 60 hour work week. I’ll be updating my calendar on this site soon with the new time table I will be working, so I can keep track of when I should be working etc. I will be giving productivity a second seat to creativity, but allowing enough time to meet deadlines as best I can. The adjustment will take some time, but it should be worth it in the long run I think

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