WordPress and HemingwayEx

I haven’t posted here for a very long time but now that I’ve finally gotten ’round to putting a CMS on about.phalacee.com, you can expect to see more posts.

I’ve opted for Word-press – yes, I know a CMS is easy to build, but I wanted something that works well, does everything it is supposed to and doesn’t require me fiddling with the system to get it to work. As Dan would say, “Why re-invent the wheel?”

Anyway, I have Word-press installed, with the HemingwayEx theme. I’ve made a number of modifications to it already, and there are a fair few more for me to make, but for now its up and running well enough for me to use it.

Eventually I will be transferring all the old posts from my previous journals into this one, under a ‘nostalgia’ category, for posterity.

In the mean time, its working and I am happy with it.

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