People annoy me. Not all people. Just certain types of people.

People who use their age as if it is some badge of honour and the rest of us should bow to their obviously superior intelligence. Because at 60+ years you obviously know everything about everything, regardless of the fact that what you learned 40 years ago is only a fraction of what is taught today, and what is taught today is outdated by the time the text books arrive in the schools.

People who hide behind “I am just passionate about xyz” to hide their hatred of someone or something. Because hating on an opponent of your favourite team, who has never done anything to you personally, is totally acceptable if you love the sport enough.

People who revel and delight in the downfall of people they don’t really know, but also don’t like. Because being happy that someone’s entire life long career has come to an end is totally fine because you disagreed with the way they did their job.

People who are the perfect example of politeness, maturity and reason when they are around some people, but have that one friend who turns them in to a raving lunatic that hates everything around them when ever they get together. Because being all Jekyll and Hyde is totally reasonable, as long as your girlfriend/fiance never sees it.

These kinds of people really annoy me.