I’ve been looking through all the photos I am backing up to Flickr. Since meeting Sammy my life has gone from strength to strength, with every thing getting better. My world has changed a heap since I said “I do”. The trips we’ve been on, Europe, New Zealand, and Brisbane, have shaped us, and opened our eyes. Our friends who were there to share our wedding have supported us and grown with us. In most cases, our friends have traded up too, some for work, others for partners – certainly Lincoln has done both!

There are some sad memories from the wedding photos too – Tony being absent from our wedding for health reasons, problems he is still facing today. The presence of some people, and the reminder of what they have done to close friends and family. The absence of most of my family, most importantly Otis ‘n’ Kim and Matt ‘n’ Tara.

It’s these bitter sweet memories that make life worth living. These blessings that God pours out on us that get us through each day.

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