So. Mackenzie has learned a new skill – opening doors. She is finally tall enough to open her bedroom door. I found this out at 5:00 am yesterday when she tapped me on the shoulder while I slept in my bed. This was quickly followed with a “DADDY!” and a big hug. I swear she has learned to do this as a survival trait. Her cuteness keeps her alive at times like this.

So now we start looking at solutions that will prevent her from exiting her bedroom too early. Maybe we can start teaching her to tell the time, at least in a basic way, so she knows when she is allowed out of her bed. I’m not sure she is ready for this yet, but I’m willing to give it a shot – she seems eager to learn and knows how to follow instructions. Yesterday morning I caught her on her way from her room to our room at around 5:30 after the cute wake up, and told her “back to bed”, she turned around and went back in her room, climbed in to bed, and pulled her blanket over her feet and lay down. So basic instructions are fine. Might have to start working on more complex ones.

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