Days that suck rock …

It’s been one of those days, you know the ones, you get out of bed, and before your feet even touch the floor, it starts to go wrong. As I said … one of those days.

I woke up this morning feeling terrible – I felt like a herd of elephants had stampeded over me in my sleep. Rolled out of bed and dragged myself to the shower – no hot water for some reason. I get to work, and we’ve got a meeting about attitudes and coding standards. Then I start working on one my current slew of projects, and just when I am starting to make head-way, I get pulled off to track down the origin of an error by one of our contractors and fix it. I don’t like debugging poorly written code.

Things picked up around lunch – Paul dropped by to see my ‘cave’ at work, then the development team went out to lunch for a farewell to Jill.

Organised going to see Madagascar 2 after work with Paul and the gang.

I get back to the office and there is a package waiting for me, its actually for Stephanie, some guy sending her a script folio from the US.

Finally fixed the error in the code, still have no idea what caused it, I just followed another example on how to accomplish what we wanted, and that worked…

I called Mark, Stephanie’s dad, asked him what he wanted to do about the package – Stephanie has asked me not to contact her for any reason… he said he’d pick it up on his way home through Victoria Park.

I returned to what I had been working on to begin with, and couldn’t remember what it was I had been in the middle of, but thats okay, because I had to re-write another piece of code, for what feels like the tenth time, because someone keeps updating our production servers with outdated code.

Finished that and went back to my previous project, and simply couldn’t focus. I went out and bought some Coca-Cola, and got back to my desk to see my screens all screwed up, Benny had swapped the VGA inputs on my two Linux machines.

Started working on that project and then Lorna comes down to ask me a few questions about how it’s all going to work, and when it will be available.

I waited around after work for Mark to show up, tried calling him a few times, no answer. By 6:00pm I’d decided to head off, and on the way home remembered I needed to pick up some prescribed medication from the chemist so I pulled into the one on the way home, and was told that they didn’t have any of the meds I needed, but they will tomorrow, so I explained I was on holiday from tomorrow and wouldn’t be heading back that way til the 29th. They told me they could get some from another chemist in about 15 minutes. By now its 6:10, and I know I’m going to be a little late for the movies with the gang. 6:50 rolls round and I’m finally out of the chemist and heading home. The movie started at 6:45.

I got home and I sat down and I prayed. I asked God to take my day and make it a positive experience. Now I’ve got something to be happy about.

I’m blessed – more blessed than most of the world’s population. Who am I to grumble about my bad day when I have:
a bed to sleep in – regardless of how bad that sleep is
running water – even if it is cold
a job to go to – even if I am struggling to get my head in the right space
friends who want to include me in the things they do – even if I can’t make it
evidence I have known love – even if it is only a reminder of a failed relationship
friends who try to brighten my day – even if they do it by playing a prank on me
people who appreciate the work I do – even if I don’t like how much I manage to get done
the medication I require – even if I have to wait 40 minutes for it

Yeah, I’ve had one of those days. One of those days where God’s strength shines through my weakness. One of those days where I get down, and God picks me up again. One of those days where admist my troubles, I can praise the Lord for all He has given me.I love it when I have days like that …

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