Best of Byford by far!

Looking at the plans LWP have for the rest of the Glades development. We will be a 2 minute walk from the local shops, and 10 minutes walk from the local primary school. The high school is between home and the proposed train station, and a new shopping centre is going in nearby too. There is also the adventure playground down the road plus easy access to Armadale by bus, with the bus stop just down the road.

Add to that the community and great neighbours, and you realise that of all the estates we could have bought into, the Glades is certainly looking to be the best for us.

It’s amazing that Sammy and I looked at the Glades just after we got married. We made a plan to buy a house in the Glades, then got a mortgage broker out to run us through the process. We figured it was out of our reach and we gave up on the idea. Three and a half years later, we’ve bought a house in the Glades, and are loving where we live.

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