2013 – Lessons Learned

This year has been a year of learning for me. I’ve learned a lot of things, but I’d like to share the biggest ones:


Separate development from production

Can’t afford down time? Make sure you keep your dev running on a different machine to your production, not just in a different folder. Things can be transported between the two places by GIT, but keep them separate. And for the love of all things pink and fluffy, don’t make changes on the production server. EVER!

Version control can save you time

Moving code via SFTP is slow, doing it via GIT is much faster. Add to that the time you’d waste if you deleted the wrong file or lost something, and Version Control is a God-send


Pay attention to your child

Kids grow so flippin fast, there is never a better time to pay attention to them than now.

Family is paramount

Nothing in life is more important than the woman you marry, or the children you raise. Nothing.

Family is awesome

And I don’t mean blood relatives only – friends who are as close as family, in-laws, the lot. They are awesome.


Manage your time well

Prayer and time to read the Bible don’t appear out of no where, you have to plan for them.

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