A day in the life …

Getting up at 04:00, arriving at work at 05:00, lunch at 10:00, leaving work at 13:30, picking up The Geekling at 14:30, dinner at 16:30, bed by 19:30, sleep by 20:30.

I’ve been asked, “With a schedule like this, where do you find the time to do the things you love?” The truth is, this schedule is full of things I love doing.

I’m naturally a morning person, getting up early doesn’t leave me feeling empty during the day. I get to drive to work alone, listening to music, audio books, and podcasts.

At the moment I am getting to work about 10 minutes early, so I get that time to sit and plan my day, thinking about what I need to do, or like this morning, taking photos of the city skyline.

Then I head to the office, where I am alone for two hours, setting up servers, responding to bug reports, looking over error logs, chatting to other developers and friends, and doing the thing that has driven me for the better part of three decades – coding.

Even a bad day at work is a day I get to spend doing something I really enjoy. Everyone else arrives at work around 07:00, first my boss, then the other developer, followed by the marketing and consulting team. Everyone is happy to be working here – it’s that kind of place – and it shows in their behaviour. I spend my day coding, debugging, and dragging this code base, some times kicking and screaming (me, not the code), in to the 21st Century, and before I know it, it’s time to go home.

I get in my car, and resume listening to what ever it was that was playing that morning, and drive the 25 minutes home. Some days I will head to the shops and grab some things for the week, before heading home to work rest or on my office computer for a short while before I pick up The Geekling from Kindy or Daycare. We go home, I prep all the things for dinner or put on a load of washing while she showers/baths after a hard day painting and running around. We sit and watch some TV (Doc McStuffins, FailArmy, People Are Awesome) and relax.Well, she relaxes. I sit there with a squirming four year old elbowing me in the face every 30 seconds or so.

I start cooking the food I prepared earlier, and a moments later, my Queen of Hearts walks in. I finish cooking while she asks The Geekling about her day – being the second person to ask her makes things difficult, The Geekling seems to only retain a working memory of her day long enough to tell someone, and then immediately forgets everything from the past 24 hours. We sit down at the dinner table – the last one to sit with their thumbs up says grace – and we eat together. We debrief, all three of us, talking about our days, The Geekling will tell us about how this friend or that was upset when their parent dropped them off at school, and she cuddled them and told them everything was okay. My wife will talk about the chickens, the cows, and the machinery at her work, answering the many questions the little one asks about everything. Then we sit down on the couch and get in to the deep debrief, talking about the problems we faced during the day.

Time flies by and before we know it, it’s time for the little one to head off to bed. She jumps on the couch and asks for a Yoda Ride to bed. Depending on whose turn it is that night, I will head off to the bed room to watch some TV before sleep, or stay with her and read her a story. Last night was epic. She picked Vader’s Little Princess and we read through it, me asking her who all the characters were. “That’s Yoda”, “Artoo”, “Threepio”, “Boba Fett’s my favourite”, “That Ewok is cute!”.

It’s time for her to sleep, and silence falls upon the house once again, while everyone lies in bed, unwinding after a busy day.

Again, that sounds like a lot of work and effort, chores and tasks, but EVERY THING I mentioned is something I love. Yup, even the elbows to the face – not because I am crazy, but because I treasure the fact The Geekling wants to be close to me, and that won’t last forever.

I count myself truly blessed to live the life I do, even if the hours are weird.

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