This week has been a lesson in contrasts for me.

On one hand, I have realised how much I tolerated something that was going wrong, how much I put up with the damage and noise. I blocked it out and ignored it, and it wasn’t until it got to the breaking point, the point things could go no further, that I stopped and fixed it. Something as simple as a damaged tyre on my car has made me realise the benefits of dealing with something before it becomes a problem to ignore.

Putting off dealing with problems like this, because “its only an occasional flat tyre, I only have to pump it up once a month”, leads to “oh its only a little tyre noise, I’ll just turn up the music a little” and before you know it, you’ve got alignment issues (in this case it was the tyre, but in many other cases, its an alignment between two people that shifts) and you’re spending more than you bargained for to fix things in a hurry.

Problems ignored become problems that blindside you. They become catastrophes you aren’t equipped to handle, or disasters that derail all your other plans. Tolerance of small problems can be a virtue, but awareness of those problems you tolerate is key to preventing them from getting out of hand.

Filtering out these issues until they become just background noise is asking for trouble.

On the other hand, I’m feeling extremely sentimental at the moment because people I treasure, who are usually here, aren’t around at the moment. Its amazing how much you come to realise those little noises they contribute to your day work together to build the sound track to your life. The sneezes when they step out in to the sun (both Sammy and Kenzie do this, so cute!), the “how was your day” after work, the throat clear when you don’t ask “how was your day” too. The “daddy, are you putting me to bed”. The sound of a curtain opening in the morning, because your wife is thoughtful enough to open the bedroom windows to let some fresh air in.

Its amazing how much we take these little things for granted. We forget to include them when we count our blessings. Then without notice, these things can be taken away from us.
In my case, I’m lucky, my two biggest blessings will be home again next week. But there will come a day when the people that enrich our lives will leave never to return. All those little noises they made will be silent forever.

Filtering out these blessings until they become just background noise is asking for trouble.

Take some time to check yourself during your day, what problems are you ignoring? What blessings are you taking for granted? In either case, don’t wait until its too late to do something about it.

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