For the love

Love the lyrics to this song “For the love” by Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Funny I started listening to it as I was starting to form the ideas for Kiss My Creative, having struggled with the lack of creative code writing at Moodle, I wanted to branch out (go big from a nascent state), so I started the business (stepped in the ring cuz it’s worth the fight), so I could do what I love, and create something awesome.

You know I stepped in the ring cuz it’s worth the fight
and I could see it everytime I closed my eyes at night
So to the people that believe that my potential isn’t finite
I’m gonna shine bright still gunning for the limelight

I wanna watch it grow, mature and take form
So I feed the seed of my dreams and make sure
it ain’t just the cream I been doin this for
because the folks with the money get the problems more

No I do it for the challenge and to rise above like a pod
under pressure coming outta the mud
and I’ma stick with my decision through sweat tears and blood
through the feast and the famine the drought and the flood

So to anybody eager while I laid in wait
I appreciate the love and the space to create
but I’m about to go big from a nascent state
so why don’tcha pass me the hammer while I claim my stake

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