I don’t know where the thought came from yesterday morning, but as I was walking to work from Claisebrook train station, I started thinking about the phrase “walk of shame” and how biased it is against women. It is considered shameful for a woman to be walking home in the early hours of the morning, after a one night stand, but not shameful for the man to be turfing the woman out. In fact, it is often a point of pride for the guy. He scored, and doesn’t have to look after the woman who gave it up for him. But if you examine the whole thing, the shameful act isn’t the walk home in the morning, it’s the event that lead to the woman being away from home earlier in the night. And that’s certainly something the woman needs a partner for. If it’s shameful for her, then it’s equally shameful for the guy who has just turfed her out of his house early in the morning. That shame – for the guy – is then compounded by the fact he has allowed the girl to face the embarrassing situation of finding her own way home while still feeling the effects of the previous night.

The more I think my way through this, the more ashamed I am of the guys who behave this way, treating women as conquests, trophies, and prizes. This is not what God intended when He created Eve. Sinful act of sex outside of marriage aside, the way these guys are treating women is terrible. And the girls that are allowing themselves to be treated this way need to be shown they are valued, for who they are, not what they are willing to give up. The guys need to think how they would feel if someone was treating their sister, daughter, or mother like this. Maybe they should be mentally putting themselves in the position of the girl, walking home. Maybe then we would see a change in attitudes.

The problem with that is that they would then have to deny the flesh, and in today’s society, that is getting harder and harder. Being bombarded with sex, sexual imagery, porn, and the idea that if you want something, you should have it, and have it now, without regard for the consequences, it all leads men to think that women are here for their sexual gratification. It’s wrong. But that’s the way society has gone. Something needs to be done, but how do you fight against what people want. The general public are happy with their Game of Thrones brutal incest scenes and nudity. They want the instant gratification and minimal responsibility that comes from a one night stand. They don’t care about the damage they are doing to their bodies, their minds, or their spirit. They must have what they want, regardless of the cost.

This train of thought goes further, beyond the sex and the shame, but those thoughts are for another post. What we have is a generation of people who have grown up without a decent moral compass when it comes to sex, and they are now having and raising children of their own. And at the end of these thoughts, I am left wondering how far must we fall before we realise what is wrong?

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