Widows and Orphans

A while back at Lifegroup, we were going over James 1. The topic of caring for the widows and the orphans came up and along with it the question of why that term was used for the people that needed to be cared for. After a little time thinking on it, I came to the realisation that the widows and the orphans were the people of Jesus’ time that no one cared for, there was no safety net for them. It wasn’t much of a leap from there to the realisation that today’s widows and orphans are the disabled, the poor, the ill. Anyone society allows to a fall through the cracks. These are the people Jesus has called us to care for. This is a way the Bible has remained relevant despite the change over centuries. It’s an accepted way how the Bible’s meaning, the laws/rules for Christians, is worded differently, but still has application today. This same relevancy is overlooked when discussing same-sex marriage (which is a different topic I might cover at another time) – people throw the laws of Leviticus against Christians, saying we shouldn’t wear blended clothes. Never mind the fact that science has improved the process by which blended clothing is produced to the point the law is no longer relevant. But I digress. The point is we as Christians should be caring for everyone that society sees as worthless. Yet we here in Australia have a Prime Minister that is forcing back people that are coming to us for help. A prime Minister that claims he is a devote Christian.

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