Xbox one – My Opinions

  • It requires installation of games
    I have a PC for that. Consoles are supposed to load the game quickly. Crap.
  • It requires pre-owned games to be be re-licensed at a fee
    So first I buy the game, then I pay for the right to play it. Crap.
  • It has a new achievement system that snaps across games
    Series based achievements. Nice.
  • It won’t play Xbox360 games
    This means I still need my 360 in the living room, totally defeating the sales pitch of it being the ONE device you need for all your entertainment. Crap.
  • It’s got bluray and HDMI pass through
    The pass through is of lesser importance to me, but might allow me to connect my Xbox360 and Xbox One to the same HDMI port, and bluray is decent. Nice.
  • It’s improved on Smartglass
    Allowing for interactive content for TV shows. Nice.
  • The controller looks like the old Duke controller from the original Xbox
    It will likely feel clunky and oversized. Crap

Over all, not sold on it being the next big thing. I think Steambox will remain the better option, as it does everything the Xbox One claims to, but will be upgradeable, and cheaper. The Xbox One is not something I am excited about, or eager to own. Will see what bundles they bring out for it, and maybe I will consider it once the price drops considerably, or if I can get a 2nd hand unit.

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