Mission critical tools

I’ve swapped text editors and IDEs a few times over the last few years, starting with Crimson Editor, then Notepadd++, Eclipse, Netbeans, and finally Sublime Text . I feel comfortable with Sublime for code that doesn’t need compiling. It runs fast on all my platforms, and has all the features I have come to expect from a decent editor, plus the plugins/packages make it really powerful.

Other tools I can’t work without are SQLYog. It’s one of the reasons I need a Windows machine along side my Linux workstation. The Adobe Creative Suite (Thank you Adobe for making CS2 free!) is the other reason I need Windows. GIT. I couldn’t live without my version control, and GIT is the best I have used and has completely eradicated my need for FTP. The final killer tool in my toolbox is PUTTY. Wouldn’t dream of running a Linux server from a Windows workstation without it.

So, to anyone who stumbles across this blog, and feels generous, what tools do you have that you can’t live without?

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