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As a developer/designer I spend far too much time trying to reconcile the differences between the Firefox and IE rendering engines. I’ve picked up a few habits that make it less painful, but until there is a Firebug for IE, it’s still a long painful process.

I’ve been¬† using Aptana Studio as my PHP IDE for a long time now, and would love for it to have some live CSS editing abilities similar to Firebug (Aptana’s debug mode makes debugging Javascript in IE more pleasant too). To compensate, I have been looking at other tools (<sarcasm>yay, another application to use while developing a site</sarcasm>) that will provide the functionality I require. The only one I have found so far is Stylizer, now its not perfect and the license price is a bit high, but at least it does what I need it to. What I would really love is an extension for Eclipse/Aptana like Stylizer that allows me to have a page preview pane beside a CSS edit pane, a switcher for the render engine of the preview pane, with live update of the preview as the CSS file is updated.

The other tool I use on a daily basis as a developer is SQLYog. Couldn’t work with MySQL without this tool.

What applications do you use for development/design?

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2 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    Great suggestion. You can make enhancement requests directly with Aptana here:

    We are working on roadmaps now for features to deliver in 2009, so now’s a great time to do so!


  2. matt says:

    i love firebug and thanx for that FirebugLite link. havent tried it yet in IE but it looks like the ticket.

    i use this other ff add-on called CSSViewer (search for it in ff).. it dont allow live css editing like firebug but it shows css info as i hover over the page, where as with firebug, i need to hover over the html elements to get the highlighting on the page. very handy

    other stuff that help daily life in design/dev include:
    * dropbox: sort of wiked handy SVN for my work
    * Color Cop: handy colour picker
    * WordWeb: sometimes its better to use a dictionary than a spell checker. CTRL+ALT+W is real fast (text n copy work)
    * and of course delicious: (+ff add-on) maybe not your 1st thought as a tool… but i’d be screwed remembering all those links for work-arounds, ideas, how-to’s etc

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