It’s taken a long time, but I’ve finally made the move, swapping Firefox and the mountain of extensions I used, for Chrome and a small handful of extensions.

As a fan of Android, and Google in general, I have wanted to swap to Chrome for a while, but have always put it off, citing all the stored passwords, bookmarks, extensions, etc needing to be ported as an excuse to put it off. But after seeing the keynote at Google’s 2013 I/O I decided that now was the time to make the leap.

So far the experience has been great. My phones and tablet sync nicely with the desktop (just waiting on a few extensions to sync between Windows and Linux) and all is running smoothly.

There are still some features from Firefox I am missing – notifications on pinned tabs being the greatest – and I still need to port many of my userscripts from Greasemonkey to Tampermonkey, but these are things I can live without for now.

Update – Turns out there are themes that allow you to fix the pinned tab notification issue – I am using Greyscale theme now, and it works perfectly.

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