Magician’s End

Just finished reading Magician’s End by Raymond E. Feist. A fitting end to an amazing series. 29 volumes (30 if you split the first into the two books it was intended to be) spanning 30 years of writing. I had no idea when I picked up Magician 15 odd years ago I would be swept into a story spanning a universe, with so many characters I would come to know, learn from, and the mourn the loss of.

I loved the way Feist finished where he started the series, with a child, looking for shellfish in a rock pool on the shore of Crydee. I am disappointed Feist didn’t get to finish the Krondor series – and I blame the game developers for that. All in all, I am grateful for the entertainment, inspiration, and straight up joy that Feist delivered through the Riftwar Cycle.

I am genuinely looking forward to reading the series again from the beginning while I await the next wonderful series of books from this amazing author.

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