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Since my parents bought me my first mobile phone – a Nokia 5110 – I have always viewed mobiles as a tool for using to communicate with friends when I need to. I’ve since upgraded a number of times, first to a Nokia 3310, then to a Nokia 8310, and now I use a Nokia 2610.

The Nokia 2610 leaves alot to be desired. With no local connectivity options, the only way I can get photos, ringtones or anything else onto the phone is to first upload them to a website and then use the WAP browser to download them to the phone. Which is a pretty expensive way to get a photo Steph as the ‘wallpaper’ of my phone.

A year or so ago I also bought a HP iPaq 2210 PDA, to allow me to read ebooks without having to take my old laptop with me everywhere I go and to allow me to maintain a calendar and schedule of my plans.

Having to carry both the PDA and the phone around has been getting old, and I would really like to update my PDA to something a little more recent – something running Windows Mobile 6.0 would be wonderful, but I’d settle for Windows Mobile 5.0.

I’ve also been considering my mobile provider. I’ve been with Telstra for a long time now, having left Optus when I went from contract services to prepaid services, and I must admit that Telstra’s coverage and reliability are good, but I am thinking of moving from the Telstra Prepaid Plus to one of their cap plans. As it is, I spend about $60 a month in calls and text messages, so any cap plan that gives me at least $60 of calls and text with a lower than $60 minimum monthly spend will be a benefit.

Anyway, with all these factors in mind I started browsing the Telstra and Three websites looking at their plans. Now Three has some really cool addon services and they have some pretty good PDA Phones, for example the HTC P3600i. Telstra has better coverage though. Looking at the cap plans, Three provides alot more free calls and text.

But on the other hand, if I am going to spend a fortune on upgrading my phone and PDA, I want to get something that meets my requirements precisely, not just something that ticks most of the boxes. So I am also considering purchasing an O2 XDA Flame and then connecting to a Three cap plan as a BYO Customer. Problem with this idea is that I would need to pay $1,195.00 outright for the phone. I am considering asking my employer if he can purchase the phone for me as a salary sacrifice, and then take repayments out of my pay.

Before I can do that though, I have to finish my three month probation period here at Jam360, which ends on September 25th.

Decisions, decisions …

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