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Well, I’ve been using Ubuntu 7.10 (64-bit) at work for almost a month now.  Even though I was already pretty experienced with Ubuntu before this, I have learned a lot since installing it as my day-to-day operating system at work. I’ve learned about wine and wine-doors, adding printers (Fuji-Xerox DocuCentre II C2200), and network interoperability.

I’ve also learned that even though Ubuntu is an outstanding operating system, there are still somethings you will need either a Mac or a PC for. Need to get the PPD driver so you can install your Fuji-Xerox DocuCentre II C2200 printer? Well, there are no PPD drivers for it under Linux, so you’ll need to install the driver on a Windows machine first, and then copy the .ppd file over to Ubuntu. It would be easier if Ubuntu could convert the .pp_ to the .ppd correctly, but Windows being what it is doesn’t allow for this…

Anyway, I’ve started working on building my own packages for Ubuntu. Not creating my own software yet, but taking GPL’d source, compiling it to work under Ubuntu, then creating a .deb and submitting it to first one I am working on is GTKLipsum. Once that works out, I’ll be making my own application that does what GTKLipsum does, but without the need for an Internet connection.

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3 Responses

  1. David says:

    Hi – can you describe in a bit more detail how to get access to the c2200? Ubuntu 8.04, first day in a new job and the only thing I can’t get working is access to the printer. (everything else – email, network etc) is fine.

  2. Jason says:

    @David: I installed CUPS and the web-based CUPS admin package. I then installed the PPD drivers on a Windows 2003 server machine and copied just the PPD file onto my Ubuntu workstation and installed it from there. I can’t remember if I used the web-based CUPS admin or the GTK GUI for adding the printer, but I remember needing the IP address of the printer, as I had to treat it as a fully-fledge network printer.
    Hope that helps

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