Hosting Headaches

Hosting HeadacheI’m looking at buying a VPS through Linode as soon as my job situation stabilizes.

Not really looking forward to porting my entire catalogue of sites, but the fact I am working at taking copies of all my sites from my current host down to my development server (once I get my internet reconnected at home) should make it alot less painful.

As for the reason why I am looking to move my hosts – because I am tired of dealing with tech support to get things done. If I can have root on a server I don’t need some “I’m just following the script the manager tells us to” tech support guy (who could probably be replaced with a BASH script anyway) to make minor/trivial changes to my server config.

Anyway, the image to the left is there for anyone who wants to read it for a chuckle at my misfortune.

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2 Responses

  1. matt kocaj says:

    maybe you just have a crap host. maybe not.. im not making a judgment here.

    i use mainly for windows servers but the same package i have also includes LAMP stack and i can tell u: the cust service is very good. hit me up if you need to know more.

  2. matt kocaj says:

    i feel really bad for you man. that’s -really- bad service.
    hold up.. that’s not even service.. that’s malpractice!

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