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As a geek, I very rarely leave things the way they come … my Windows Mobile phone was heavily modified, I’ve altered just about every plugin for this wordpress journal, my old xbox runs XBMC, and all of my computers run customised software.

Recently I’ve turned my eye to the websites I use everyday: Facebook, GMail, Google, and a few others. Thankfully, Greasemonkey and Stylish let me customise them as much as I want.

So below are some screenshots of my GMail, with all the customisation in place and without:

As you can see most of the changes relate to the labels in GMail – Folder4Gmail was installed, and then hacked to bits til it worked the way I wanted it to.

That’s not all I’ve modified. I am in the process of developing an extension for Firefox based on FastDial – the same sort of functionality IE and Chrome give when you open a new tab – but mine uses boxes of text links with icons rather than thumbnails of the site. I am also working on adding RSS feeds to the page. Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

I’m a geek. I don’t settle for things as they are out-of-the-box. Out-of-the-box is configured for the masses. I try to set myself apart from the masses. So I tweak, customise, hack, and modify until I am left with something unique. Or, in the case of my windows mobile phone, a paper weight.

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