It’s no secret I am really looking forward to getting a new phone. My current phone is getting pretty slow – well, it’s always run at the same speed, it’s just the apps I am running are getting more complex, so it feels slower – and I can’t get the latest version of Android on it – or even any of the last 4 versions as I am stuck at 4.0.3.

I’m also hoping to save money by changing to a new carrier. And I think I have found the perfect one – Vaya. They resell the Optus network, and offer $650 call credit, unlimited SMS, and 1.5GB of data for $18 a month. A far cry from the 200MB data and $180 talk/text for $30 I have now.

The 4G coverage won’t be as good as I could get on Telstra, but it’s still better than Vodafone’s (my current carrier) and the price is much better.

All in all, I’ll be getting an awesome new phone, on a better carrier deal, for about the same price as I am paying now. Sweet!

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