• Office-001
    The work begins - cutting the Jarrah veneer MDF.
  • Office-003
  • Office-004
    Desk cut and ready to assemble.
  • Office-005
    So much desk space.
  • Office-006
  • Office-007
    Like a glove! The desk assembled in my office
  • Office-008
    Stage 1 complete
  • Office-009
    Desk space exhausted already.
  • Office-010
    First return - stage 2 - complete
  • Office-011
    Same photo with the lights off
  • Office-012
    Stage 3 - the return of the return
  • Office-013
  • Office-014
  • Office-015
  • Office-016
    Better photos of the first return
  • Office-017
    Left side
  • Office-018
    Pano of the desk
  • Office-019
  • Office-020
    Right side
  • Office-021
    Left shelf of shelf
  • Office-022
    Centre of shelf
  • Office-023
    Right side of shelf
  • Office-024
    Second return details
  • Office-025
    Second return details
  • Office-026
    Added a shelf over the door
  • Office-027
    Two main monitors died. Got a 27" 4K to replace them
  • Office-028
    Found out it was just blown caps in the dead monitors. Kept them to repair.
  • Office-029
    WIP - Screens mounted to the wall
  • Office-030
    Half way there.
  • Office-031
  • Office-032
  • Office-034
    Pano of the main PC's screens
  • Office-035
    Finished adding the other two screens
  • Office-036
  • Office-037
  • Office-038
    Pano of all the screens
  • Office-039
    TV on the wall, 42" Plasma (max 720P) with a Remix Mini for Plex viewing.
  • Office-040
    I'm a huge Star Wars fan. This is a small part of the things I have.
  • Office-041
    Mario Corner
  • Office-042
    Game boxes and GoW
  • Office-043
    Soldering bench and charging station

I’ve been really busy at work lately, and the spare time I have had at home has been spent on renovating the kitchen, redecorating my daughter’s bedroom, and all the other things that come with being a responsible adult.I have, however, managed to carve out some time to finish Stage 5 of my home office (Stage 1 was building the desk, Stage 2 was building the left return, Stage 3 was building the right return, Stage 4 was the shelving) – mounting the screens on the wall.

So I figured I would share the progress I have made so far with a photo gallery:

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