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Mission critical tools

I’ve swapped text editors and IDEs a few times over the last few years, starting with Crimson Editor, then Notepadd++, Eclipse, Netbeans, and finally Sublime Text . I feel comfortable with Sublime for code...

Server solution

So about 90% through the migration to Digital Ocean. I just have the Church website left to migrate. Then I am all done. Every has gone rather smoothly, the only issues coming from me...

Growth Spurts

Well, having moved to Digital Ocean, and seeing how wonderful their system is, I have started increasing the number of servers I have with them. I am now hosting a mail server along with the web server I originally migrated from Linode. This will allow Kiss My Creative to provide all the hosting services in house. And the two servers are still cheaper than the one I had originally.

Ubuntu Update Manager

Does the new Update Manager in Ubuntu pop up more frequently than you’d like? If so, there is a simple solution to the problem.

Stability and Flexibility

Well, I’ve been using Ubuntu 7.10 (64-bit) at work for almost a month now.  Even though I was already pretty experienced with Ubuntu before this, I have learned a lot since installing it as...

Why run Ubuntu on a G4 Mac?

The real question is why not?. Especially if the Mac only had OS 9.2 on it, and that won’t run at all.