Author: Jason Fowler

Creating ‘mask layers’ using PHP GD

  1. Start with original image – $img
  2. Copy that image to a png – $copy
  3. Create a mask png image of the area you want in the circle/ellipse (a ‘magicpink’ image with a black shape on it, with black set to the colour of alpha transparency) – $mask
  4. Copy $mask over the top of $copy maintaining the Alpha transparency
  5. Change what you need to on $copy
  6. Copy $copy back over $img maintaining the Alpha transparency

Hosting Headaches

I’m looking at buying a VPS through Linode as soon as my job situation stabilizes. Not really looking forward to porting my entire catalogue of sites, but the fact I am working at taking...

Tools of the Trade

As a developer/designer I spend far too much time trying to reconcile the differences between the Firefox and IE rendering engines. I’ve picked up a few habits that make it less painful, but until...

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I’ve decided to restrict access to the more personal areas of this journal – this is because the content covered in those areas is more intimate and I don’t really want that sort of...

Stability and Flexibility

Well, I’ve been using Ubuntu 7.10 (64-bit) at work for almost a month now.  Even though I was already pretty experienced with Ubuntu before this, I have learned a lot since installing it as...

Why run Ubuntu on a G4 Mac?

The real question is why not?. Especially if the Mac only had OS 9.2 on it, and that won’t run at all.