Requirements and Specifications

My next first kiss will be my last, I will wait for a woman God intends for me to marry.
We will balance each other in every way necessary, complimenting each other’s  personality, re-enforcing each other’s  strengths, and making up for each other’s  weaknesses.
We may argue, but we will never fight.
We will accept each other the way we are, knowing that to change anything would unbalance us.
In time we will come to know each other so well we can not only finish each other’s sentences, but also speak the other’s mind, and know how the other feels from reading each other’s body language.
We will support each other in everything we do, either doing it together, or standing alongside each other.
We will be able to debate intellectual topics, sharpening each other’s wit.
We will love each other unequivocally, without measure.
There will never be any question about my feelings for her, or her feelings for me.
We will treat each with the greatest respect, especially in public.
We won’t manipulate each other, emotionally or otherwise.
We won’t play mind-games, or deliberately exaggerate issues until they become arguments.
We won’t make each other jealous.

  • Me — Situational
    • Own car
    • Financially stable – $5,000+ in savings $0
    • Back at Church regularly –  4 services a month – Achieved [DJFMAMJJASON]
    • Reading the Bible twice a week, outside of church and young adults
    • Praying six days a week – Achieved
    • Maintaining a clean ‘habitat’
      • Tidier room – Achieved
      • Tidy car – need the car first
      • Less clutter
      • Less computers – Achieved
  • Me — Personal + Physical
    • Spend less time doing trivial tasks on my computers and phone
    • More social, hanging out with my friends more – Achieved
    • Regular sessions at the gym – 1 per week – Achieved
    • Weight loss – From 100kg down to 850kg or able to fit into my old jeans – Achieved
    • Playing basketball. Minimum one team, one game per week – Achieved
    • Fit – able to play one full game of basketball without time off – Achieved
  • Me — Work
    • Reasonable hours – maximum 45 hours per week – Achieved
    • Good salary >60,000 – Achieved
    • Work to live, not live to work – Achieved
    • Able to leave my work at the office – Achieved
  • Me — Emotional + Behavioral
    • Over my relationship with Stephanie
    • Forgiven my father – Achieved
    • Reconciled with my father In Progress
    • Better stress/anger management – Achieved
    • More communicative of my emotions – Achieved
    • Capable of discussing my emotions without tears, without yelling, and without insults – Achieved
    • Capable of communicating without complaining – Achieved
    • Learn to forgive and forget – stop holding on to the pain once an issue has been dealt with – Achieved
    • Stop feeling the need to fill silence by talking – Achieved
    • Listen when people come to me with issues and problems concerning me – Achieved
    • Learn to treat everyone with respect, regardless of what they can do for me
    • Learn that financial support is not the only support a family requires – Achieved
  • Her — Situational
    • Attends church regularly
    • Own car
    • Looking for a serious relationship
    • Believes in no sex before marriage
  • Her — Personal + Physical
    • She’ll be at least 21 years of age
    • Attractive, well-proportioned figure
    • Natural Brown, almost red hair
    • Should also look stunning with her hair dyed blonde
    • Hazel/green eyes
    • Intelligent, interested in learning
    • Fit, healthy
    • Shares a passion/interest for at least two of the following
      • Spending time outdoors (one of these)
        • Camping
        • Bush-walking
        • Mountain hiking/climbing
      • Computers
      • Children’s Ministry or Youth Ministry
      • Open source
      • Linux
      • Computer/Console games
      • Programming
      • Web Design
      • Digital Design
      • Basketball
      • Sci-Fi/Geekdom (One of these)
        • Andromeda
        • Farscape
        • Stargate
        • Starwars
        • The 4400
        • Taken
        • Big Bang Theory
        • Sarah Connor Chronicles
      • Fantasy (One these)
        • Terry Pratchett
        • JRR Tolkien
        • Terry Goodkind
        • Terry Brooks
        • Raymond E Feist
        • Sara Douglas
        • David Eddings
        • Robin Hobb
        • David Gemell
      • European Medieval History
      • Web comics (One of these)
        • Ctrl + Alt + Del
        • Least I Could Do
        • Apple-geeks
        • XKCD
    • Has met and gets along with my friends
    • Has met and gets along with my family
    • Spends time with her friends
    • Won’t hang out alone (in private places) with other guys once she’s in a serious relationship
    • Accepts my passion for the web
    • Accepts my passion for computers
    • Accepts how close some of my female friends and I are and doesn’t expect that to change
    • Enjoys playing with words
  • Her — Work
    • Spends her time doing something she enjoys, something she is passionate about.
    • Doesn’t change jobs simply because she’s bored.
  • Her — Emotional + Behavioral
    • Emotionally responsible
    • Emotionally mature
    • Capable of discussing her emotions without tears, without yelling, and without insults
    • Communicates without complaining
    • Doesn’t swear and doesn’t take the Lord’s name in vain
    • Doesn’t hold a grudge once an issue has been dealt with
    • Doesn’t feel the need to fill silence by talking
    • Will be ready on time
    • Has healthy boundaries
    • Has a healthy understanding of boundaries