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PSA – Computer Exploit Impacts Billions

Google has made a public announcement for an exploit/hack for computer chips they discovered back in June last year. Back in June, they revealed the information to all the chip makers and operating system...


Passing the torch

Three years ago, I upgraded my long serving home workstation to an Intel Haswell Core-i5. This upgrade had a trickle-down upgrade effect on all my other machines. My incumbent 2008 AMD64 X2 4000+ workstation...

Nothing Better Than That Wicked Edge!

About 2 years ago I started shaving with a double edge safety razor and I’ve just finished my first tub of Old Taylor of Bond Street shaving cream. As far as obsessions go, this is probably the cheapest I’ve had.


I’ve been really busy at work lately, and the spare time I have had at home has been spent on renovating the kitchen, redecorating my daughter’s bedroom, and all the other things that come with...