This week has been a lesson in contrasts for me. On one hand, I have realised how much I tolerated something that was going wrong, how much I put up with the damage and...


Agile: Where Developers Go To Die

I recently stumbled across Why “Agile” and especially Scrum are terrible on Twitter. This is the first time I have found someone who shares my dislike for the SCRUM/Sprint/Agile methodology for the same reasons as me. In...


New Addiction

So I realised recently I have become dependent on the chemical cocktail of energy drinks – Mother in particular. I have been drinking 2-3 a day for a little while now, and I have noticed...



There truly is no place like home. I’ve travelled to 20 odd countries, but none of them compare to Australia, and I’ve visited all the major capital cities in Australia (Hobart and Canberra aren’t...



Seeing Kenzie’s imagination develop, from handing me straw that is spaghetti to interacting with “fairy dancing girls” and writing things down in an imaginary Big Book of Boo-Boos is an amazing journey for me.


Jason’s Laws of Development

As a developer I realise there are some fundamental laws that must never be broken. Below is my summary of these laws. (I would number them, but they all deserve to be Number 1) Code...